The Pleasure Principle

PV Thursday 16th June 2011 
Exhibition: 17th June – 2nd July 

Jessica Bunyard / Edward Chell 
Sally Kindberg / David Mullen 
Victoria Scott / Team Tank
The discovery that light was the source of colour in the late 1600’s, by Newton, began an exploration of the science of colour. Drawing in Turner, Mondrian, Yves Klein and many artists who’s aim was to maximise the effect of the visible spectrum on the human condition. From the luminescence of Turner’s skies to the sublime depth of Klein’s blue monochrome they strived to convey the very secrets of light. The Pleasure Principle presents works that indulge in purity or excess, where powerful use of colour immediately simulates and excites the brain.

Related works were shown in cells at the Old Police Station, Deptford.

Sponsored by Beck’s Fusion

Installation Images