In the Company of Ghosts:
The Poetics of the Motorway


conceived and co-edited by
Edward Chell and Andrew Taylor

Co-edited by artist Edward Chell and poet Andrew Taylor, In The Company of Ghosts explores the poetics of a motorway system where romance and squalor, the personal and the political, private interests and public space collide.

This book brings together artists, poets, writers and thinkers who have responded in diverse ways to the motorway and its environs. Interspersing poetry, analysis, commentary and fiction, this book reflects the contradictory nature of a motorway system which gives us an unintended self-portrait of a carbon driven society.

In the last fifty years, motorways have ploughed through the British landscape, changed the way it looks and changed the way we look at and experience our surroundings – through the car window at speed. This book invites readers to Stop, Look and Listen to the unnoticed worlds in this territory.

Contributors include Will Alsop, Iain Sinclair, Joe Moran, Emma Brooker, Stephen Daniels, Elizabeth Cowie, the Reverend John Davies and David Lawrence.

In the Company of Ghosts: The Poetics of the Motorway
Edward Chell and Andrew Taylor
erbacce-press £12.95
ISBN: 9781907878428