Drive Thru

October 5th – 9th, 2016


DRIVE THRU >> brings together more than 50 artists in an exhibition at the lowest level of the Q Park underground car park in Cavendish Square, Central London. The work exhibited encompasses sculpture, photographs, film, painting, ephemeral works, live performances, happenings, stages works, installations, synchronised car radio transmissions and sound works.

As well as being able to be viewed by foot, there will be periods set aside for vehicles to encounter the exhibition so that this audience can experience the works from their car. All artists have considered this viewpoint when formulating their work and have consciously thought about how their work could be digested when experienced by a driver or passenger in a car that is travelling through the space.

This underground car park was built in 1971 and is unusual as it has the intriguing form of a double helix. The floor that the exhibition is located on, Level -3, is a complete circle so visitors can easily go round the exhibition more than once and as the entrances for pedestrians and vehicles are separate, the starting and finishing points will be different for each of these audiences.

On Saturday 8th October, there will be a programme of of artist films/works and live performances.

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Installation Images